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Exulto International is a venture-based nonprofit “superfund” that pools funds contributed by donors and invests them in qualified entrepreneurs, nonprofit and for-profit organizations and project-based initiatives that embody, promote, and apply authentic Catholic principles in business, entrepreneurship, leadership, community service, and human strategy. 

“By reason of their special vocation it belongs to the laity to seek the kingdom of God by engaging in temporal affairs and directing them according to God’s will …” (LG, 31). The mission of evangelizing in secular society and in the workplace belongs almost exclusively to the laity. It is the Catholic laity who “rub elbows with” their Christian and non-Christian counterparts and who, in that context, are to find suitable means and opportunities to inject a “Gospelizing” or Evangelizing moment into those interactions."



We help business leaders and ideators who have new ideas, or who want to expand their current reach and revenue, and desire to reflect God's character in their initiatives. 

Our proprietary 14-session theoretical & practical curriculum helps our Innovators learn how to run successful businesses illuminated by authentic Church teaching.  

In addition, free professional services offer guidance in legal, financial, fundraising, operations, business plans, networking, and technology.

Get in touch to learn how to get started. 


The Exulto Business Network is made up of professionals who want to pay their success forward to offer guidance and mentorship to help new virtue-based businesses, ministries, and non-profits thrive.

We invite you to become an "Angel Expert" and join our team of professionals - accountants, lawyers, management, marketing, technology, ethics, human resources, and finance experts - who offer free consulting services for our vetted Exulto applicants on a part-time, voluntary basis.

Click below to find out more.


The Exulto Catholic Social Impact Investing Guild is for those who demand their money is used to support solid, virtue-based projects that help grow the faith.

The Guild serves as a hub for donors who have decided to share their resources by contributing philanthropically to see the world changed for the good.

To join the Guild and gain access to hearing real pitches from vetted Innovators and the chance to donate to Exulto's portfolio of projects, click below for more information. 

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There is prejudiced-based limited access to low barrier funding for the many entrepreneurs, nonprofit and for-profit organizations that desire to provide goods and services in the marketplace that embody, promote and apply authentic Catholic virtue-based principles. 

With the help of donor members in Exulto's Catholic Social Impact Investing Guild, Exulto exists to:   

1. help fill this funding void in a transparent manner, and through a fiduciary process that serves to quantify the extent and quality of impact generated by donor donations

2. help align donor skills in areas of strategic thinking, operational deployment and effective leadership with Beneficiary needs in order for them to become self-sustaining for the long term.


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To find out when our next Innovators' application process opens, to volunteer to become part of Exulto's Business Network, or to inquire about becoming a member of Exulto's Catholic Social Impact Investing Guild, simply get in touch below.  

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