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The Full Story

Sadly, too many Catholic investors and philanthropists are disillusioned after learning that donations of their hard-earned money have not been used appropriately.


The Catholic Incubator solves that by vetting new innovators and allowing our investors to hear the pitches so they can decide how to help real virtue-based businesses, ministries, and apostolates grow.   

How we vet our entrepreneurs: 

  • Faithful, practcing Catholics

  • Sound business plan 

  • Fulfilling a need

  • Proven competence

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How it works

The Catholic Incubator enables Investors to:

  • hear real pitches from real innovators

  • ask tough questions and get answers

  • easily review pre-vetted businesses and ministries who've made it to our pitch book

  • develop relationships with the innovators they choose to support

  • feel confident that the businesses or ministries they invest in will receive professional support from our Exsulto Business Network

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Jump in the "Catholic Shark Tank" and put your donations toward creating solid businesses, ministries, and apostolates that reflect God's character. 

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